Projekt - Issue 01


Finally, a new design voice has arrived with the quarterly hardcover book, Projekt. Projekt is a new hardcover design publication from Minutia and Super Assembly that illustrates and celebrates the art of design. The inaugural issue Projekt :: Sketch is the first of four books that will each showcase a different element of the design process: Sketch (issue one), Urban Planning (issue two), Landscape (issue three) and Object (issue four). A curated portfolio of design excellence, Projekt :: Sketch was edited by Nathan James Crane of Minutia and published by creative agency Super Assembly. The first issue highlights the design process through the work of four South Australian design firms: Architects Ink, Grieve Gillett Andersen, JPE Design and Studio Nine Architects. In Projekt :: Sketch, the four studios allow readers to peek behind the design curtain to showcase sketches for some of their significant projects. The book explores the use of sketches to communicate different aspects of design (e.g. scale, materiality, context).